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Trey Ferguson

Owner of

Texas Land Care


Trey has lived in the Hill Country for most of his life. He enjoys not only the location, but the people that live and work in this beautiful part of Texas. It has been a passion of Trey's to own and operate a full-time lawn care service. For many years before given the opportunity to do so, he kindly offered his service to neighbors and friends on his days off from a full time job. Word spread quickly, regarding his work, customer service, dedication and reliability. With the support of his family and friends behind him, he has now been blessed to seek this profession as a full time adventure and enjoys every minute of it.


Trey is the proud father of 3 children, enjoys hunting and spending quality time with his parents, brother and sister, that all live close. Who else to take care of your home and property other than someone that values his home and family?



Trey does not mind discussing any of your Texas Land Care needs or answering any questions you may have, feel free to email him at [email protected] or

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